The Force Was Strong At San Diego Comic Con 2015

SARLACC members Gus, Pam, Ryan, Stephanie and Amy were in attendance at this year’s San Diego Comic Con.

What began as a typical exciting weekend at the convention quickly became an experience none of us will ever forget.

We started the convention at preview night. The typical Star Wars sights were to be seen on the show floor, Hasbro, Lego, and the Lucasfilm Pavilion. Of note was the incredibly detailed Hot Toys Millennium Falcon model on display at the Sideshow booth.

Preview night as over all too soon and the next day was spent at the Hasbro breakfast and in line.

Thursday was the day before the much-anticipated Lucasfilm panel in Hall H. Thankfully we had a team that was willing to trade-off time in line so that one or two could leave for food, Starbucks, and sleep. We felt right at home at the neighboring Hilton Starbucks this year as it was decked out in a Star Wars motif and playing the movies.

Later that night, our group secured our wristbands and we were set for Friday in the largest panel hall at San Diego Comic Con the 6,500 seat Hall H.

JJ Abrams had donuts and coffee delivered in the morning and we were all in pretty good spirits despite the lack of sleep. After a day’s worth of panels featuring stars from Walking Dead and Game of Thrones we finally got to the moment we’d been waiting for.

During that magical hour, we saw new clips, actors, puppets, and a behind the scenes trailer that made me teary eyed.

And, once we thought we’d had our fill they threw in a surprise, a 2 hour concert of Star Wars music by the San Diego Symphony Orchestra with video introduction by John Williams. Topped off with a collectible lanyard, lightsaber, and an eye popping fireworks show.

And that ended only day 3 of 5 days at Comic Con. We still had Saturday and Sunday ahead of us which some of us spent at the Disney Infinity offsite playing the new Star Wars game and getting figures in advance of the games release. 

The rest of the time was spent on the show floor taking in as much new information on upcoming Star Wars collectibles as possible.

But as with any San Diego Comic Con, then best moments were the ones shared with friends and meeting friends that you usually don’t see anywhere else but a convention. By Sunday, as much as we love Comic Con, we were all ready to take a much-needed break. Until next year, ‘stay classy San Diego.’

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