The Ewok Adventure – August 2014

Ewok Adventure shirt design by Tom Berges

SARLACC’s 3rd Annual Film Location Road Trip

After visiting Death Valley and the Redwoods, few US locations remained for us to visit. As a result a group of SARLACCians clamoring to return to Endor and a few that hadn’t been before decided to do a camping based summer adventure in the redwoods. We called it ‘The Ewok Adventure!’.

Earlier in the summer a few SARLACC members gathered to make their own life sized ewoks. As a result, the Ewok Builder club was born. Seven ewoks were built (one was a wearable costume) and 5 ewoks went on the camping trip. Yes, the ewoks were finally going to return to Endor over 30 years after Return of the Jedi was filmed. 

Day One:

Tom and Michal Stewart secured a transport the group. Special magnets were used to ensure everyone on the road knew we were Star Wars fans tried and true!

We left Seattle in the morning and arrived in Portland just in time for some fresh Voodoo donuts and Star Wars shopping at Billy Galaxy. In true Portland style we were told by a passer by that we should have cracked the windows open in the van so the ewoks could breathe. Tom took us to visit his mother’s home for lunch. She showed us her impressive pharmaceutical history collection, soda fountain basement and Snow White display. I guess collecting runs in the family.
Full from lunch and great conversation, the caravan picked up another passenger before overnighting in Grants Pass.

Day Two:

After a campfire meal of spaghetti, we awoke to the sound of a hot air balloon rising just before sunset. It was a picture perfect morning but we didn’t have time to waste. We were due to arrive in the Redwoods that afternoon. Lotor the ewok found Bigfoot after passing the California border on the 101.

Earl’s ewok Garrish ran into some new friends Babe and Paul Bunyan and commemorated the event with a selfie.

After lunch we arrived at the Redwood National Park visitor center and found a fellow Star Wars fan in Ranger Josh. He escorted us to Stout Grove on his lunch break and we had a great photo shoot with our ewoks. In the Wicket costume was Chris Stone’s son Luc who was a great sport and had a ton of fun romping through the redwoods with us.

By sunset we were settled in our campground at Prairie Creek. And there was just enough time for the ewoks to fish with a camping fishing rod and play before dinner.

Day Three:

Today was the day to visit the filming location for Endor, the Owen R. Cheatam grove near the Grizzly Creek redwoods. It was a bit of a drive but there was plenty of time for pictures when we got there.

Day Four:

After packing up our campsite, we visited Fern Canyon filming location for Jurassic Park 2 before heading back north.

We made the stop at the Fort Dick market ‘home of the ewok rock’ Tom Berges has mixed expectations before heading in.

The sun was out along the drive up the 101 so we broke for lunch at the beach before we made camp the the Beach State Park in Oregon.

Day Five:

With a change in scenery, we explored Newport and found Star Wars! It was definitely cheesy and worth seeing for that factor alone.

The ewoks got loose somewhere south of Newport and ran rampant in the aquarium village shops. Here Cubby the ewok tries to decide where to head next.

Day Six:

The ewoks had some time on the beach before the trip back home. Cubby and Garrish buried Lotor in the sand or so they thought. As Vardek discovers, Lotor’s body is left above ground.

The ewoks supervised the final packing of the van.

Tilamook was our destination for lunch. We picked up a new friend, a puppet cow. We offered up our finest car snacks but she wasn’t interested.

What trip to Oregon wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Haystack Rock and Cannon Beach.

And if you go there and are film enthusiasts like we are then you must visit Astoria to see the Goonies filming locations! Which we did next.

Ryan Beise obliged us with a reenactment from the film before we arrived home.

Tom Berges of made a video of the trip:

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