Sarlacc Events Summer to Fall 2015

As we await the premiere of The Force Awakens, SARLACC members have had plenty of reasons to get together and celebrate. Here are just a few things that we’ve been up to in the past few months.

The Ewok builders joined Garrison Titan and Alpha Base at the Seattle Mariner’s Star Wars night. Visiting collector Ryan Dukes from Canada joined us.


We had another fantastic 4th of July at the Stewart’s house on the lake. Dave Brott from the Ohio collecting club came to visit.


We got to share in the experience that was San Diego Comic Con. Including the Star Wars panel and surprise concert with the cast.


We had our new annual tradition “SARLACC Camping” in August with a weekend spent near Mount Adams. Of course this included Star Wars crafting and a special merit badge designed by Mike Demaine.


Mount Adams

Mount Adams


Another local collecting group STARS meets monthly at the Southcenter Applebee’s at 7pm on the last Tuesday of the month. Summer brings the best attendance and August was no exception with over 25 attendees.


The Ewok Builder’s club grew over the summer with 10 new ewoks currently being built.


Force Friday we met up to shop at Toys R Us and Target together. Everyone found at least something to take home.


Our regular SARLACC meetings continued with a recent meeting at Curt Hanks’ house.


Rose City Comic Con found caravans of SARLACCians traveling to Portland. This trip included Carrie Fisher sightings, ice cream at Cloud City and cool collectible stores including Dr. Tongue’s I Had That Shop.


Bonfires continued at the Stewart’s celebrating the beginning of fall.


And we said goodbye to the fantastic Star Wars in Costume exhibit at the EMP closing party.


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