SARLACC at Celebration Anaheim

SARLACC Is Ready For Star Wars Celebration, Are You? One of the questions we always get at a celebration is why doesn’t SARLACC have a fan table in the exhibit hall. The simple answer, we’re going to be everywhere so pinning us to a table is extremely difficult.

SARLACC members will be volunteering en masse.

  • For Official Pix: Leonard Chavez and Marlow Weaver
  • For Reed Pop: Jody Plank
  • At Collecting panels: Tom and Michal Stewart, Amy Sjoberg, Ryan Beise, Gus Lopez, Pamela Green, and Earl Bergquist

Gus Lopez’s Completist Publications will have a booth on the exhibit floor to sell his books with Completist Publications and be sure to say hi to SARLACCians Curt Hanks and Alex Stewart who will be volunteering there.

Here’s some other places to catch up with SARLACC members and their projects:

Come see the Ewok Builder’s club Ewoks on display in the Star Wars Collecting Social Room all 4 days of Celebration! Our Ewoks would love to take pictures with you and will be bringing their Endor speeder bike trail photo background with them. (R2 not included).

Some artsy SARLACCians (Curt Hanks, Mike Demaine, Gus Lopez, Ryan Beise and Amy Sjoberg) are participating in the Vader Case Project and will have their Vader art project cases on display in the Star Wars Collecting Social Room. founder Chris Bortz will be in the Collector’s Social Room from noon – 1pm on Thursday for a special patch giveaway.

Of course founding SARLACC member, Gus Lopez, hosts the Collecting Stage at Celebration. In addition, check out the following SARLACCians panels:

  • Friday, 3pm – Vintage Star Wars Coins co-presented by Gus Lopez
  • Friday, 6pm – Ewok Collectibles co-presented by Amy Sjoberg
  • Saturday, 3pm – Props and Costumes co-presented by Gus Lopez
  • Sunday, 11:15am – Scales of Hasbro/Kenner Figures 1978-Present co-presented by Ryan Beise

Be part of podcasts hosted by SARLACC members live with the following recording:

  • Thursday, 4pm-5pm on the Podcast Stage (Room 208AB) – This Week in Star Wars co-hosted by Ryan Beise
  • Friday, 3pm-4pm in the Collector’s Lounge – Live Podcast of This Week in Star Wars co-hosted by Jake Stevens
  • Saturday, 4:30-5:30pm in the Collecting Social Room – Collecting Cosmos Podcast with Ryan Beise and Amy Sjoberg
  • Saturday, 6pm-7pm on the Podcast Stage (Room 208AB) – Galaxy of Toys Podcast with Ryan Beise, Tom Berges, Chris Bortz, Jake Stevens, and Jason Luttrull
  • Sunday, 4pm in the Collecting Social Room – Huge Collecting Podcast with Jake Stevens, Ryan Beise, Jason Luttrull, Amy Sjoberg, and Tom Berges

SARLACCian and founder Tom Berges will be hosting a meet and greet at the Earl of Sandwich on Wednesday night at 5 pm.

What’s that? You wanted to know about giveaways?
Well, of course we have that too!

Look for the exclusive SARLACC Cardback designed by Mike Demaine.

The Ewok Builders have a set of 12 trading cards to track down designed by Tom Berges.

Just about every SARLACCian will have some individual and unique buttons to hand out.

Be sure to stay tuned for an awesome surprise giveaway designed by Curt Hanks to be revealed at the now sold out Archive Party on April 16th.

Speaking of The Archive Party, Tom Berges ( and Jake Stevens ( will be offering an exclusive button set to attendees.

After celebration SARLACC will head to Buttercup Valley to dig up the SARLACC pit. Expect reports of the road trip and all of SARLACC’s activities during Celebration following the convention.

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