SARLACC at Celebration Anaheim

SARLACC Is Ready For Star Wars Celebration, Are You? One of the questions we always get at a celebration is why doesn’t SARLACC have a fan table in the exhibit hall. The simple answer, we’re going to be everywhere so pinning us to a table is extremely difficult.

SARLACC members will be volunteering en masse.

  • For Official Pix: Leonard Chavez and Marlow Weaver
  • For Reed Pop: Jody Plank
  • At Collecting panels: Tom and Michal Stewart, Amy Sjoberg, Ryan Beise, Gus Lopez, Pamela Green, and Earl Bergquist

Gus Lopez’s Completist Publications will have a booth on the exhibit floor to sell his books with Completist Publications and be sure to say hi to SARLACCians Curt Hanks and Alex Stewart who will be volunteering there.

Here’s some other places to catch up with SARLACC members and their projects:

Come see the Ewok Builder’s club Ewoks on display in the Star Wars Collecting Social Room all 4 days of Celebration! Our Ewoks would love to take pictures with you and will be bringing their Endor speeder bike trail photo background with them. (R2 not included).

Some artsy SARLACCians (Curt Hanks, Mike Demaine, Gus Lopez, Ryan Beise and Amy Sjoberg) are participating in the Vader Case Project and will have their Vader art project cases on display in the Star Wars Collecting Social Room. founder Chris Bortz will be in the Collector’s Social Room from noon – 1pm on Thursday for a special patch giveaway.

Of course founding SARLACC member, Gus Lopez, hosts the Collecting Stage at Celebration. In addition, check out the following SARLACCians panels:

  • Friday, 3pm – Vintage Star Wars Coins co-presented by Gus Lopez
  • Friday, 6pm – Ewok Collectibles co-presented by Amy Sjoberg
  • Saturday, 3pm – Props and Costumes co-presented by Gus Lopez
  • Sunday, 11:15am – Scales of Hasbro/Kenner Figures 1978-Present co-presented by Ryan Beise

Be part of podcasts hosted by SARLACC members live with the following recording:

  • Thursday, 4pm-5pm on the Podcast Stage (Room 208AB) – This Week in Star Wars co-hosted by Ryan Beise
  • Friday, 3pm-4pm in the Collector’s Lounge – Live Podcast of This Week in Star Wars co-hosted by Jake Stevens
  • Saturday, 4:30-5:30pm in the Collecting Social Room – Collecting Cosmos Podcast with Ryan Beise and Amy Sjoberg
  • Saturday, 6pm-7pm on the Podcast Stage (Room 208AB) – Galaxy of Toys Podcast with Ryan Beise, Tom Berges, Chris Bortz, Jake Stevens, and Jason Luttrull
  • Sunday, 4pm in the Collecting Social Room – Huge Collecting Podcast with Jake Stevens, Ryan Beise, Jason Luttrull, Amy Sjoberg, and Tom Berges

SARLACCian and founder Tom Berges will be hosting a meet and greet at the Earl of Sandwich on Wednesday night at 5 pm.

What’s that? You wanted to know about giveaways?
Well, of course we have that too!

Look for the exclusive SARLACC Cardback designed by Mike Demaine.

The Ewok Builders have a set of 12 trading cards to track down designed by Tom Berges.

Just about every SARLACCian will have some individual and unique buttons to hand out.

Be sure to stay tuned for an awesome surprise giveaway designed by Curt Hanks to be revealed at the now sold out Archive Party on April 16th.

Speaking of The Archive Party, Tom Berges ( and Jake Stevens ( will be offering an exclusive button set to attendees.

After celebration SARLACC will head to Buttercup Valley to dig up the SARLACC pit. Expect reports of the road trip and all of SARLACC’s activities during Celebration following the convention.

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SARLACC at Emerald City Comicon 2015

SARLACC will be at ECCC again this year this time with our first ever table.

Come say hello! Our members will be staffing a table in the 501st room located in TCC Annex ground floor all three days. We’ll have information on local Star Wars collecting groups, books, websites, podcasts and more.

SARLACC members Ryan Beise, Gus Lopez, Chris Bortz, and Jake Stevens will also have a panel on Kenner and Hasbro Star Wars figure collecting.

‘Star Wars Action Figures: Collect all 3000?’
Room: Hall F (TCC 304)

Saturday, March 28th 11:30AM – 12:20PM

“Join Gus Lopez (Star Wars Collectors Archive) and Ryan, Chris, and Jake (Galaxy of Toys podcast) as they go through the history of Star Wars figures from their beginnings in the early bird kit, through Power of the Force, on to Bend-Ems, in to Power of the Force 2, the prequels, Clone Wars, and right up to today with The Black Series and Rebels. We show you each line, how many figures were produced in that line, what kinds of articulation did they have, how long did it last, and more.”

SARLACC members who are also part of the Ewok Builder club are bringing their Ewoks to the 501st room. The Ewoks will be part of the charity fundraiser for the 501st photo area. Get your picture taken with some Ewoks and raise money for charity.

Want to start ECCC off right? Meet up with SARLACC for coffee and breakfast on Friday, March 27th at 9 am at the Cafe Dior on the ground floor of the Washington State Convention Center. We’ll be the ones wearing Star Wars shirts.

For more in depth coverage, check out Jake Stevens’ Star Wars Guide for Emerald City Comicon 2015 on

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Star Wars and The Power of Costume Grand Opening Party

This past weekend we had the pleasure of attending the Grand Opening Party of the Smithsonian’s newest touring exhibit “Star Wars and The Power of Costume”. The event took place at Seattle’s EMP (Experience Music Project) Museum which will be the home to this Lucasfilm exhibit until October. The party was attended by C-3PO (Anthony Daniels), Lando Calrissian (Billy Dee Williams), the costume designer of Return of the Jedi (Aggie Guerard Rodgers), the host of The Comlink (Dave Collins), and the author of Star Wars Costumes (Brandon Alinger) to name a few.

Representing SARLACC that night were: Jake Stevens from, Criz Bee from, Tom Berges from, Curt Hanks and Gus Lopez. Gus holds the distinction of having the only privately-owned piece on display in the exhibit; Yoda himself. It was a very unique opportunity as the costumes had been pulled directly from the Lucasfilm Archives for the exhibit. The costumes on display were a mix of both Original and Prequel Trilogies, although it was more of a 70-30 split favoring the prequels.

Click here to see a gallery of pics from

In addition to the costume exhibit the party was host to multiple other events throughout the night, including talks by the special guests Williams and Daniels (and no, no Episode 7 news was revealed).

photo 4 (56)

There were multiple trivia contests throughout the night ranging in difficulty which our team consisting of Criz, Tom, Gus and Jake remained undefeated (which is no small acomplishment since we were surrounded by many well-versed Star Wars enthusiasts and fans).

The night also included lightsaber stunt teams, performances by members of the 501st Garrison Titan and a photo op with R2 courtesy of the local R2 Buliders 5 (41)

The exhibit is well worth the admission and includes a lot of great behind the scenes information about the costumes of the saga. We were of course a bit frustrated at the fact that there were quite a few costumes on display that have yet to be turned into action figures. With the Sequel Trilogy and subsequent standalone films approaching ever closer, our chances at getting some of these “older” designs in figure form are becoming less likely. But that is a conversation to be had after this month’s Toy Fair was kicks off in just a week and a half.

For more on the Grand Opening Night Party check out‘s pics!

And to learn a bit more about the exhibit check out Huffington Post.

by Jake Stevens

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Rancho Obi-Wan Annual Gala 2014

SARLACC has attended both Rancho Obi-Wan (ROW) annual fundraising galas from 2013 and 2014.  The event is an opportunity to tour Steve Sansweet’s amazing Star Wars collection.  While there, guests are treated to dinner, entertainment, a silent and live auction, carnival games and even a scavenger hunt.  The admission and proceeds of the event go to cover the cost to run the museum and keep it open so all generations of Star Wars fans can continue to be inspired by the force of imagination.  You can find out more about Rancho Obi-Wan here:

For 2014’s ROW Gala SARLACC members Gus Lopez, Tom and Michal Stewart, Curt Hanks, Ryan Beise, and Amy Sjoberg were in attendence.

Day One:

We landed in the Oakland airport late and drove to Petaluma to check into our hotel for the night.

Day Two:

Influenced by the wine country surrounding us we went to lunch at Francis Ford Coppola winery.

Of course this meant having the added bonus of viewing the impressive movie prop collection on display as well.

After lunch we went back to the hotel and awaited the shuttle van to Steve’s gala. The shuttle is included as part of the ticket to the evenings events. We ran into our Canadian collector friends Ross Cuddie and Elling Haug on the shuttle and met a new collector friend in Ryan Dooks also visiting from Canada.

Upon arrival we were greeted warmly and welcomed into the collection by Steve who made introductions and announcements.

We were free to walk through the collection before dinner. SARLACC’s own Curt Hanks designed this years event logo.

Steve was the auctioneer for the live auction. Founding SARLACC member and board member of ROW, Gus Lopez, was also a volunteer for the evenings events. Here Steve auctions off an Oola velvet painting donated by artist and collector Bruce White.

Day Three

For SARLACC, the fun continued the next day when we returned to meander down side aisles and find hidden treasures within Steve’s massive collection on our own. But first we had breakfast with Canadian Star Wars collectors Elling, Ross and Ryan. Good thing we packed our extra giveaway for Steve (now an annual tradition). Admiral Ackbarf’s medicine remedy for collector envy.

Tom Stewart, Ryan Beise and Amy Sjoberg found all sorts of new things in the collection even though they had been there before. At ROW there’s always something new to discover and displays are always changing.

After a few hours it was time for lunch. While waiting for the pizza we ordered to arrive, we entertained ourselves by going through trash bins full of special offer cards in order to make as many complete sets as possible. Ah, the glamorous life of a collector!

Before we knew it it was time to return to our homes and end another fine trip to the ranch. But we know, we’ll be back.

Tickets to the ROW 2015 Gala are already on sale. Gala-ween will be held the Saturday before halloween. Members can purchase tickets to the event here:

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SARLACC’s 20th Anniversary Party

In September, 2014 SARLACC celebrated their 20th Anniversary.  To celebrate the occasion, the collecting club hosted a three-day event which consisted of toys runs, trivia contests and the viewing of some of the most amazing Star Wars collections in the area.

“S20”, as members of SARLACC affectionately referred to September’s anniversary event, began on a Friday with a party hosted at the home of Galaxy of Toys Podcast’s host Jason Lutrull.  Lutrull’s collection consists of a spectacular display of both vintage and modern Star Wars action figures and other Star Wars collectibles.  A room dedicated to just vintage collectibles and another with nearly every modern action figures and 12” figure released since ’95 was packed with collectors all night long.  A corner populated by an Atari 2600 was mostly manned by Tom Berges of who challenged all who dared to stroll by like, Criz Bee from


The night’s festivities led to a Jeopardy-like Star Wars trivia game hosted by our own Jake Stevens.  “The SARLACC Inquisitor” ended after three competitive rounds and found podcast hosts Ryan Beise (Star War: Collecting Cosmos) and Matt Fox’s (This Week in Star Wars) team coming in a close second winning “The Lonely Lobot” trophy.  The winning team was led by the highly knowledgeable author and collector Gus Lopez who walked away with “The Aquatic Ackbar” trophy.


The next morning began with an epic toy run around the Puget Sound.  A rendezvous at the famous Toy Stable in Spanaway was on the must-see-list. From there collectors had to choose which attraction to see next.  Some chose, like visiting collecting couple Arnie and Marjorie Carvalho from Star Wars Action News, to make the trip to Aberdeen, Washington to see the Sucher and Sons Star Wars Shop.

To hear their thoughts about their experience make sure to listen to Episode 433 “Collecting Nirvana in Aberdeen”.


Others chose to visit SARLACC member Mark Schroeder’s home which features an incredible vintage carded collection.



The day culminated at the Bobacabana with a deck-top BBQ on a beautiful summer Seattle evening where Gus Lopez gave tours of his world-famous prop and vintage prototype collection throughout the night.


The next morning a small group returned to Lopez’s home for breakfast and a bit of Saturday morning cartoons featuring the classic Droids series.

s20 170

Next many attendees of the event traveled to view the collection of Ryan Beise.  His collection is impressive as a large part of it is themed by characters from the Saga.



The final party of the weekend was held at “The Empire Strikes Boch”.  The collection of Lauren Boch is quite an experience to be had.  Figures of high rarity are causally positioned throughout the house-wide collection and as Amy Sjoberg of Nerdventions has stated, Boch’s collection is a display where one can feel and see a true love for Star Wars collecting.


The event was a true celebration of the collecting club, one that represented some of the best of the Seattle area and put many of the finest collections in the region on display for many to enjoy. SARLACC is looking forward to another 20 years of friendships, collections and new Star Wars media.  And of course with most events associated with SARLACC, there was a little bit of swag.

photo 1 (6)

by Jake Stevens

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