Death Valley Road Trip – November 2013

SARLACC Road Trip 2013 Death Valley Shirt design by Curt Hanks

SARLACC Road Trip 2013 Death Valley shirt design by Curt Hanks

In November 2013, SARLACC disembarked the Seattle area the second year in a row to visit a galaxy far, far away a.k.a. Death Valley, California.

The purpose? A 3-day weekend adventure to find all the filming locations used for Star Wars and Return of the Jedi.

Day One:

We were pretty excited when we left Seattle. After a few imperial entanglements, we knew we had secured passage on a fast ship that could guide us safely to Tatooine.

Day Two:

An unexpected rainfall for the Death Valley area had us looking for locations that didn’t require blue skies to screen match photo shots. SARLACC member Chris Stone brought out his exceptional Sandperson costume and we trekked out to the canyon floor in search of Banthas.

Of course, being Star Wars collectors we brought only the best toys with us to assist with matching screen shots.

When the weather cleared we found ourselves at Artists Palate in time to watch the sun set and look for R2.

Across the parking lot from Artists Palate is the location for the backdrop of the Jawa sand crawler. Gus Lopez and Jim Mulkens brought with them screen shots and note books of information to compare and find all the locations used in Jedi and Star Wars.

As the sun had set and night had fallen in Death Valley the crew stopped at Furnace Creek for a home cooked meal before heading back to the hotel.

Day three:

The last day of our journey and we got the weather we all expected from Death Valley. We started our day early on the sand dunes with our vintage R2 action figures.

Next stop ‘Jawa canyon’ with Chris’s son Blaine. Blaine was a great sport and wore a Jawa costume. Not only helping us line up shots but also pleasantly surprising park visitors who had no idea Star Wars was filmed in Death Valley.

We’d seen a lot of Star Wars locations in two days but the two most exciting ones were still ahead of us. 20 Mule Team road was the location used to film the scenes where R-2 and 3-PO traveled on the road to Jabba’s palace.

Luckily Jabba wasn’t home and we were able to visit Mos Eisley spaceport overlook.

One final group shot from Tatooine before we packed up and headed back to Seattle. Another film location trip checked off the wish list for SARLACC.

Here’s a great video of the whole adventure by Tom Berges of

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